Add & Remove Donors

Donors can be added to your database through online giving, cash or check information, or by an Admin.

When a donor is added, their profile is created, and an Admin or the donor themselves can edit any information on their profile.

From the People page, type the name of the donor or use the filters to find a donor.

The profile has contact information as well as donations and payment methods.

  1. Edit the person's contact information or add any notes about the person.
  2. View any donations they've made within a date range and add a new donation or set up recurring donations from the appropriate tab.
  3. Add a debit/credit card, or set up their bank account.
  4. Add or edit a donor number, which will be added in front of the person's name.

Do not delete a donor. Instead, set their status to Inactive in People to remove them.

Donor profiles can be created in multiple ways:

1. Add Manually

If an Admin needs to set up information on behalf of the donor, they can add the person to the database from the People tab.

Type the name of the person to add then select Create a new person to add information about that person.

From the person's profile page, an Admin can set up payment methods on behalf of the donor.

2. Give Online

When a donor gives online they're asked for their name and email address. If there's no record of that person in your People database, they'll be added as a new person.

If they've joined a group or registered for an event, encourage them to use the same email address they used for that. If, however, they created an additional profile, you can merge them.

online donation
3. Give by Check or Cash

When a donor gives by check or cash, their donation will be processed in a batch. A counter enters the donor's name to add the donation to the batch. If there's a match in your database, the donation will be added to that record; if there's no match, the counter can add the person by selecting Create a new person.

enter donation in batch

Add all available information to keep from creating duplicate donors.

If you find duplicates in your account, merge them in People. Merging two people records will combine the donation history and payment methods of those two people.

Remove Donors

Donors should not be deleted. Instead, set their status to Inactive in People, which will remove them from donor list but allow you to find their information by searching.

If donors were created when administrators were testing the application, refund the donations then delete them in People. All their information will be deleted, and it cannot be recovered, so only delete test accounts.

Once the test accounts are deleted, you'll see them in the Donations List with (Deleted) next to their names.

If a donation has been assigned to the wrong donor, it's easy to reassign the donation to a different donor.

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