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If a donation needs to be corrected, refunded, reassigned to a different person, cancelled, or deleted, an Administrator can make those changes on the donation itself.

From the donation list or from a person's profile, select a donation.

Correct or Edit

On any type of donation, use the Edit Donation button to make changes to the donation.

edit donation
Cash & Check

On a donation entered in a batch, like cash, check, or payment source transfer, you can change multiple parts of the donation.

cash and check donation
  1. Update the total amount of the donation.
  2. Split the donation into different funds.
  3. Change the received date to today's date if you make changes.
  4. Verify the Payment Source is still the same.

Save to keep the changes; Cancel to remove any changes.

The Counted date will stay the same as the date of the batch, but the other information will change to match the changes you save.


An ACH donation amount can be edited only as long as the total is not changed. If you try to split the donation and go over the amount donated, you'll receive an error and won't be able to save.

ACH donation

There is a 90 day refund window for ACH donations. 

After that window passes, refunds will need to be issued outside of Giving (i.e. check/cash refund).


A credit or debit card donation can be edited as long as the total is not changed. If you try to split the donation and go over the amount donated, you'll receive an error and won't be able to save.

Card donation

The date of an credit or debit card donation cannot be changed.

Once a donation is edited, the edit shows in the donation's Adjustment History.

adjustment history


If a donation is able to be refunded, the Refund button will be bold.

Do not issue refunds directly in Stripe!

  • Refunds should be handled in Giving to ensure the data is accurate.
  • 100% of the donation must be refunded; partial refunds are not available.
  • When a donation is refunded, the donation will still appear in the Giving database stamped as refunded. It won't contribute to stats and totals.
  • A refunded donation will appear in a donor's history on the donor interface but won't appear in any statements issued to the donor.
refund button
Cash & Check

A cash or check donation part of a batch that is still in progress cannot be refunded until it's committed.

pending button means no refund

However, if it's part of a committed batch, mark this donation as refunded and issue the physical refund outside of Giving.

If a cash or check donation needs to be removed, delete it.


Once an ACH donation is initiated, the donation enters a pending state while the ACH goes through. During this time, it can't be refunded, but it can be canceled.

At the end of the pending period, the donation will begin the process of transferring from the donor's bank to Stripe. Once the transfer has begun, you can then issue a refund.

refund ACH

Any donation made by credit or debit card can be refunded at any time.

If a card is declined, the donation never takes place, so the donation will not show up in the list or on a donor's profile. However, the logs will show the donations was created with a FailCharge message.

refund card

Once a donation is refunded, the donation shows the Adjustment History.

adjustment history


If you have a donation that was actually assigned to the wrong donor, it's easy to reassign the donation to the correct donor. Find the donation in question select the Change Donor button.

change donor button

Type the name of the donor you're changing the donation to and choose them from the list.

choose new donor

Select Save to finalize the change.

If you find you have two donors who are the same person, you can merge them.

If you are entering checks with a check reader, and the reader gives you a name different from what's on the check, reassign that donation right when the check is read by selecting Associate New Donor.

Delete or Cancel

Cash and check donations can be deleted at any time using the Delete button.

delete button

ACH donations cannot be deleted, but they can be canceled within the two hour window of when the donation was given.

From the donation, select Cancel to stop the donation from going through.

cancel button

After two hours, the donation will enter its lifecycle and cannot be canceled. Once the transfer to Stripe has begun, however, it can be refunded.

Once you confirm the cancellation, the donation will be removed from the donor profile completely.

Corrections, refunds, reassignments, deletions, and cancellations are all tracked in the master system log except when a donation belongs to an in progress batch.

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