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By default, Organization Administrators have access to most of the Planning Center products, but Giving is the exception. Due to the sensitive nature of Giving information, only those assigned a role in Giving will have access to the product.

User Roles

The user roles in Giving include:

  • Giving Administrator: Controls all parts of Giving, including the permissions of all users and system settings. The person who sets up the Giving account is the first Administrator. Only a few people in your organization should have this level of control.
  • Bookkeeper: Can access nearly all parts of Giving, but can't edit funds or pledge campaigns. Bookkeepers can view, but not modify, system settings and the permissions of other users.
  • Counter: Limited access to allow entering check and cash donations in batches. Counters can't commit batches, view full donor profiles, generate reports, or access batches once they’ve been committed.
  • Reviewer: Limited access role for reviewing the dashboard reports and pledge campaign progress. Reviewers have no editing capability of any kind and no access to donor profiles or history.

See the Add and Manage Users article for information on how to assign and update user roles.


The following table details the permission levels required for each Giving task.

Batches Administrator
Bookkeeper Counter Reviewer
Create/delete/edit batches or batch groups

Enter donations in "In Progress" batches

Access/Manage "In Progress" batches

Commit batches

Enter donations in committed batch

Access/Manage committed batches

Donor Profiles and People
Counter Reviewer
View/create/edit profile contact information

Access donation history and People lists

Search for people

Join and email donors

Fund and Labels Administrator
Create or edit fund

View funds list and labels

Create/edit/delete/merge labels

Pledge Campaigns Administrator
View campaign list and overview

View campaign pledges and donations

Create a campaign

Reports and Statements Administrator Bookkeeper Counter Reviewer
View dashboard

View Stripe payout reports and donation list

Create/edit/generate/email statements

Settings Administrator
View settings

Change settings

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