How Permissions Work in Planning Center Giving

Planning Center Giving Administrators are able to log into the "admin" side of Giving ( Once logged in, admins can manage fundslabels, process batches, and add or remove other Giving admins.

Administrative Permissions in Planning Center Giving

The permission system in Planning Center Giving is a little different than our other applications. The obvious reason is that financial information and donation history is a particularly sensitive area. Since we take security very seriously here, we want to ensure that it's totally clear who does and does not have access to the admin side of Giving and that each person was added intentionally. Currently, there is only one permission level in Giving and that is a Giving Administrator.

How it works in other Planning Center apps:

Only Organization Administrators in your account can add application subscriptions to your church's Planning Center account. If you have 3 Org Admins, for example, and one of them subscribes to an application, the other 2 Org Admins will immediately have access to that application as well.

How it works in Planning Center Giving:

When one Org Admin signs the church up for Planning Center Giving, they are the only person with access to GivingThe other Org Admins won't have access by default. They must be manually added, from within the Giving application itself, by the person who add the Giving subscription to the church's Planning Center account.

What can Giving admins do?

Giving admins can see donation records, edit information, delete information, and add other Giving admins. For this reason, your list of Giving admins should be very short. It will probably include some key leaders, a few counters, your bookkeeper, and maybe your an accountant. This can only be done from within Giving.

Can Giving admin access be revoked?

Yes. Any Giving admin can revoke the access of another Giving admin. When this happens, an email to all Giving admins is sent, notifying them of the change. A Giving admin can also remove their own access. A Giving Admin is also removed when their status in Planning Center People is set as "inactive". Typically, this is done when a person leaves the church, dies, etc.

What about Organization Administrators?

Even Org Admins in your Planning Center account can't access Planning Center Giving unless they are first added by a Giving admin.

What about Giving data in Planning Center People?

Planning Center People sits at the heart of all our applications and is able to report on activity across all other Planning Center applications.

In Planning Center People, you can build complex lists using filters relevant to Check-Ins data, Registrations data, Services data, Groups data or Resources data. However, when it comes to Planning Center Giving, you'll only see those filters if you're an administrator in Giving, or if an administrator in Giving expressly shared the list with you. Even if you're an administrator in People or an Organization Administrator in your account... you won't have access to those donation filters unless you're also a Giving Administrator.

The other area where we omit Planning Center Giving data in Plannig Center People is on a person's "Communications" tab. This area of People will show you all the outgoing messages sent to that particular person. It might be a confirmation message from Planning Center Registrations, an SMS from Planning Center Services, or an email from Planning Center Check-Ins. What you won't see there are communications from Giving (like donation receipts or statement emails).

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