Managing & Merging Donors

Integration with PCO People

If you subscribe to other PCO applications, one of the big advantages of using PCO Giving, is the way it integrates with other applications via PCO People

PCO People is at the heart of the person database in the Planning Center suite of applications. It comes free with all PCO accounts. The first time someone interacts with one of the apps (say, they register for an event in PCO Registrations, check in their child using PCO Check-Ins, or donate using PCO Giving) their profile is created in PCO People. From that point on, the person's profile is synced across all the applications through the magic of PCO People. 

With this system in place, it's super easy to keep people's contact information and profile up to date. For example, someone may update their phone number on a donation envelope. A batch counter in PCO Giving may quickly update that member's profile. Upon checking their kids in at a PCO Check-Ins station, they'll be pleasantly surprised to see that their information is current as they're checking in their child. 

Merging donors

Occasionally, a situation might arise where two person records need to be merged. This can happen for a number of reasons. If you have two profiles that need to be merged into one, you'll need to hop over to PCO People and merge those records. The interface will walk you through this process, but it's important to know that, when it comes to PCO Giving, merging two people records will combine the donation history of those two people. After the merge processes, be sure to verify that the payment methods and recurring donations for the donor are accurate. Because of some restrictions by Stripe, there are scenarios where they may not transfer to the new donor. They usually do, but definitely double check.

Note: If a donation has been assigned to the wrong donor, it's easy to reassign the donation to a different donor.

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