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In Giving, all donations initiated on your donation form or mobile app are processed by Stripe. Use Stripe payout reports to reconcile Stripe deposits (called payouts) to your bank account or general ledger.

Go to the Stripe Payouts tab in the Donations page to view all Stripe payout reports within your selected date range.

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  1. Set a date range for the list of payouts that you want to view. If you choose Custom, you will need to add a start and end date, and then click Submit.

  2. Select the report at the top to view combined payout information for the date range, or select an individual report for a specific date.

  3. Click View Stripe Info to see information about your connected Stripe account.

  4. Click Expected Payouts to see a list of payouts that are in transit to your bank.

  5. View a breakdown of how the net Giving income is calculated for a payout, including the fee charged and the effective rate for that payout.

  6. Click Open in Accounts to see a report that includes non-Giving income from Registrations or other external platforms that use your Stripe account.

  7. Click Open in Stripe to get additional details about your selected payout, including an itemized list of transactions from Giving, Registrations, and other platforms that use your Stripe account.

  8. View details of the funds and labels included in the payouts you've selected.

  9. See individual donations included in the selected payout. You can filter, export, and print this list.


The Open in Accounts and Open in Stripe buttons will only be available when you have selected a single payout report. These are not available for the combined payout report.

Need to make changes to your Stripe account?

You can change which bank account Stripe sends your payouts to in the settings of your Stripe account.

If you need to to reset, change, or disconnect your Stripe account from your Planning Center account, contact our Support Team by selecting the ? in the top right of any app.

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