Using Labels to Track Donations

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Labels allow you to group donations to manage and categorize them. They are an Admin-only feature, so donors never see them.

Multiple labels can be added to a donation, such as a location, type of event, name of event, or an action needed for the donation. Make them generic and short, so Admins can sort through them quickly.

Adding, Editing, or Deleting Labels

View your list of labels as well as the number of donations assigned to them since they were created from the Labels tab on the Manage page.

Labels can also be created when they're added to a batch donation.

Merge, edit, or delete your labels by choosing the appropriate button.

1. Merge Labels

If someone mistakenly creates a label instead of using an already-created label, select the merge icon next to the incorrect to merge the donations assigned to that label into the appropriate one.

merge label

Choose the correct label from the dropdown then select Save to relabel the donations.

2. Edit a Label

If a label no longer matches your church lingo, or you named it incorrectly in the first place, rename it by selecting the pencil icon

edit label

Enter the new name of the label then select Save. All applicable donations will be relabeled with the new name.

3. Delete a Label

If you didn't use a label as much as you'd expected, delete it by selecting the trash icon.

delete label

The label will be removed from all applicable donations, and it will no longer be listed as a label option.

Viewing Labels in Batches

See a listing of used funds and labels in the middle of the batch, or view labels in the donations themselves at the bottom of the batch.

The follow-up label is great to use if you have a question about a donation, especially if you need to close a fund the person's trying to donate to.

Sorting Donations by Labels

From the Donations page, you can see labels used within a specific date range on the dashboard:

To sort them and see more details, go to the Donations List tab.

Select the information you want to see from the dropdowns.

To get a report of the information, export it to a CSV file or a printable format.

Other ways to filter donations are by funds, stamps, and source.

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