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In addition to our Security Practices and Procedures, we take some extra precautions for Giving. We only allow a specific permission to access giving, and we keep track of each change made in the logs.

PCI Compliance

Giving doesn't transmit or store credit cards and bank information; we utilize our payment processor, Stripe, to do those things, so we're not required to be PCI compliant.


Planning Center allows an overarching permission which has access to all applications, the Organization Administrator. However, the Organization Administrator does not have access to Giving by default because Giving access is more tightly controlled. Even an Organization Administrator needs to be given permission to access Giving.

In order to have access to Giving, a person must specifically added by another Giving Administrator, and when a new Giving Administrator is added, all other Giving Administrators are emailed of the change. When someone's Giving access is revoked, they have to be added back by a current Administrator, even if they're the one who originally created the account.

System Logs

When something changes in your Giving database, the change is logged. Each log entry shows when something was editedcreated, or deleted. It also shows when and who made the change. When possible, it shows the previous values for a given change.

From the Manage page, go to the Logs tab to view all the changes in your account. Expand a specific change by selecting the arrow.

Donation Adjustment Logs

From the Donations tab, go to the Donations List to find any changes to donations

The red edit icon denotes a change has been made to the donation. To view that change, select the donation.

At the bottom of the donation is the Adjustment History, which lists the person who made the change, the time of the change as well as the information changed.

adjustment history
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