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Giving won't replace your general ledger, so you'll still need a basic bookkeeping software to handle your payable and receivable accounts. 

Giving has a basic CSV export that should be importable by your general ledger. However, we advise against keeping every individual donation in your general ledger. Instead, use journaled entries in your general ledger and leave the individual gifts in Giving.

In practice, here's how Giving fits into your workflow, along with your general ledger (GL):

Batches for Checks, Cash & Payment Sources

Donations are collected by your staff, divided into batches, and counted (in either individual batches or in batch groups). When everything is counted, your batches and batch groups are committed. If your batch represented a physical deposit to your bank, then that deposit will need to be entered into your GL. This entry in your GL will be a journaled entry, referencing the batch or batch group in Giving.

Batches are also used for tracking external Payment Sources, such as PushPay, F1, PayPal or any other systems you might have in place for receiving donatons. This allows you to keep track of all donor activity in one place and provides a single application from which to issue Donor Statements. Depending on what your church uses as Payment Sources, these may or may not need to be tracked within your GL.

Stripe Payouts for Cards & ACH

Credit/debit cards and ACH donation occur outside of the batch processing. They can happen any time and are initiated by the donor directly. Every few days, Stripe will automatically deposit these donations into a single transfer. You can get a breakdown of every Stripe payout. When the deposit posts to your bank account, you can enter it into your general ledger and balance that entry with the matching deposit in Giving.

Stripe Payouts can be found on the Organization Page from the Integrations tab.

View a list of payouts and select one of the payouts to see details.

Selecting a date will show you the report:

The Payout Report shows a breakdown of the Stripe Transfer by each application: Registrations is separated into events, and Giving is separated into individual funds. Since these reports are available to all Organization Administrators and Billing Admins, and Giving information is kept private, these reports in Accounts keep the information generic. Individual donors and their donations are not listed in these reports.

Journaled Entries

You should have two types of entries in your general ledger:

  1. Stripe deposits - These are all the online donations.
  2. Batches (or batch groups) - These are all the check and cash donations that have been counted in batches.

In your general ledger you'll only need to record something like this:

  • Giving: Stripe Deposit - 7/29/2017
  • Giving: Stripe Deposit - 7/28/2017
  • Giving: Batched Group #74 - 7/26/2017
  • Giving: Stripe Deposit - 7/25/2017
  • Giving: Stripe Deposit - 7/24/2017
  • Giving: Stripe Deposit - 7/23/2017
  • Giving: Stripe Deposit - 7/21/2017
  • Giving: Batched Group #73 - 7/21/2017
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