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Congratulations, you are now a Giving Bookkeeper! A Bookkeeper is someone who needs to balance the books but doesn't need full access to change account settings. You can access donations, donor, and Stripe information to help manage books. This guide provides an overview of your access to Giving, which works alongside your general ledger.


See the Permissions article for information on additional user roles.

This diagram shows how Giving fits into your workflow alongside your general ledger.

bookkeeping graphic_numbered.png
  1. You can get donations from many sources, as shown.

  2. Track donor reports and Stripe payouts in Giving.

  3. Your general ledger holds the batches you enter and digital donations from Stripe.

1. Donations

You can track both online and physical donations.

  • Online donations are given via Church Center or text.

  • Physical donations are cash and check donations.

You can also track donations given throughexternal payment sources, such as PushPay, F1, Paypal, or any other systems you have in place for donations with batches in Giving.

Keeping online and all physical donations in one place allows you to keep track of all donor activity and provide one Donor Statement.

2. Donor Reports and Stripe Payouts

Donor Reports

Donors are added to your Giving database when they create a donation or if you create a donation for them. If you need to track down a cumulative total, you can find it on the Donor Reports tab.

donor reports tab.png
Stripe Payouts

Stripe deposits donations into your bank account. You can enter the deposit into your general ledger and balance that entry with the matching Payout Report.

There are two Stripe payout reports. Choose the report based on the information you need.

  • The Stripe Payout Report in Giving provides a detailed view of Giving income for each Stripe Payout, which will include an itemized list of donations in the selected payout.

  • The Stripe Payout Report in Accounts provides an overview of Registrations, Giving, and Other Stripe Income for each Stripe Payout. This will include Registrations totals for each event and Giving totals broken down by fund.


Stripe only supports a single bank account for transferring money to your church, and you can only connect one Stripe account to your Planning Center account. If your bookkeeping process necessitates separate bank accounts for each fund, Giving will likely not be a good fit for your church.

You can find information about your Planning Center account and connected Stripe account from the Stripe Info page in Giving.

stripe info tab.png

3. Journaled Entries

Donations are deposited into your bank in two ways:

  • Physical deposits

  • Stripe transfers

Because Planning Center Giving won't replace your general ledger, you still need a basic bookkeeping software (like QuickBooks) to handle your payable and receivable accounts. We suggest that you use journaled entries in your general ledger (GL) and leave the individual gifts in Giving.


We advise against keeping every individual donation in your general ledger and use journaled entries instead. However, Giving has a basic CSV export that should be importable by your general ledger.

In your general ledger you'll only need to record something like this:

bookkeeping log.png

Get Help and Support

If you need any help as you're getting started in Giving, we're here to help you! Use the ? at the top right of every page our app to find help articles or open a ticket with our support team.

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When emailing the support team, be sure to include specifics about what you're working with. This might include the email address of the donor or the date of the payout you're viewing.

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