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You can now track donations from multiple campuses in Planning Center Giving!

"Primary Campus" Tracking

If you've used multi-campus features across Planning Center, you're likely already assigning a "primary campus" to each person. Now, Giving automatically tracks a donation's associated campus based on the donor's primary campus. With multiple campuses established and people assigned to those campuses in People, you can start using this new functionality today!

Dashboard Filters

Multi-campus churches will see a new control at the top of the dashboard view.


It's pretty straightforward. Select some campuses, hit the Apply button, and see the dashboard reload with only data from your selected campuses.

Campus Stamps

In Giving, you can tell a lot about a donation just by glancing at its stamps:


Whenever donors give, Giving will stamp that donation with the donor's primary campus. Gene's primary campus is "Downtown Campus" so a donation will be stamped with "CAMPUS: DOWNTOWN CAMPUS" whenever he gives.


Campus Filters

Wherever you see a list of donations in Giving, you'll typically see a list of filters at the top. We've added campuses as a top-level filter so you can quickly identify donations that came from a specific campus.campus_filter.png 

Historical Campus Data

With the release of this feature, Giving now records campus data as donors give. But what about old donations that predate this feature – donations prior to April 2021?

We've gone ahead and associated past donations with a donor's current primary campus. For donors that have recently switched primary campuses you may want to visit those donor profiles and adjust the campus for old donations as needed.

There are two other options available to you for shoring up historical data:

1. If you previously used a fund or a label to track which donations came from which campus, you can use the Bulk Edit Tool to target all those past donations and set the campus data in bulk. This will allow you to clean up your list of funds and get back to a cleaner list of funds. This is great because it means the "Missions Fund (San Marcos)" and the "Missions Fund (Downtown)" can now just be the "Missions Fund." And you can remove the burden of campus tracking from the donor and let the system do it automatically. 🎉


2. If your church history with campuses is complex (campuses opening, closing, lots of people switching, etc) and you'd rather just track campus data going forward, just open a support ticket and let us know. We'd be happy to clear out any campus data prior to whatever date you'd like.

More To Come

This is our first foray into multi-campus support in Giving. It's the groundwork for more multi-campus functionality in the future. Before we get too far, we wanted to give you a chance to kick the tires and give us your feedback. If you're a multi-campus church, please let us know what you think!


~ Team Giving

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