Bulk Editing

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You can reassign multiple donations to a new payment method, source, received date, and campus all at one time.

Edit Donations

To bulk edit donations, go to the Bulk Edit Donations tab in the Manage page.

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  1. Choose the category that you want to change, and then select the individual fund, label, or batch from the dropdowns.

  2. Choose the category that you want to assign to the selected donations, and then choose the individual payment method, payment source, date, or campus from the dropdowns.

The donations that will be changed in the update are displayed in the bottom of the page.


You cannot undo any bulk edits, so make sure that the donations in the list are the ones you want to update.

Click Edit donations now to apply the changes to the donations.

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After confirming that you want to edit the donations, you can view the status of the updates. Possible statuses include:

  • Processing: The bulk edit action is queued up and will be completed shortly.

  • Completed: The bulk edit has been completed and all donations have been updated.

  • Failed: This bulk edit couldn't be completed, and no donations were updated. You will need to retry the edit.

Common Bulk Editing Scenarios

Bulk editing can be used to correct or reassign donations.

Correcting Batch Errors

If an import from an external platform miscategorized donations or a mistake was made entering donations in a specific batch, you can correct all these issues at once using bulk editing.

You can change the received date, payment method, or payment source for all donations in a specific batch.

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Updating Campus Assignments

If you've been using campus-specific funds or labels to track donations for specific campuses, you can now assign all those donations to a campus directly.

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View Edit History

You can view completed bulk edits by clicking View bulk edit history.

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Bulk edits are tracked as changes to the donation, just like any other edit. They'll appear as edited donations, and the change will show in the profile Adjustment History as well as the log.

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