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Reports by donor allow you to filter by campus, date, fund, label, stamp, or payment source to produce a list of donors who match the set criteria. After applying filters, email donors in the list or export the information.

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  1. Set the filters depending on the information you need.

  2. Check this box to return only new donors within the selected parameters.

  3. Email the filtered list of donors.

After you have applied filters, the donor table will produce a list of Donors that match the criteria. The table includes information about the donors relevant to the filters you applied.

  1. Donor's name.

  2. The person the donor gives jointly with.

  3. Donor's contact information from their profile.

  4. Date of their first donation based on the filters applied.

  5. A total number of donations within the filters applied.

  6. The total amount given, based on the filters applied.


    To produce a report of your top donors, filter the table by the Total column to see your highest donors.



Filter by campus to locate donors by their primary campus. These campuses are determined by the campuses listed in Account Settings. A donation will be assigned to a campus based on the donor's primary campus in People.



Your church has funds, which are like categories for your donors to choose when giving.



Labels help organize your donations. They can be created, edited, and manually applied to each donation by an Administrator.



Labels are only visible on the Administrator side of Giving. They are not visible to donors in their Church Center profile, and they will not be included in donor statements.


Stamps automatically apply to donations and tell the donation's story as a financial transaction. They are defined by Giving and are not editable.


Stamp Descriptions

Stamps show you the status of the donation:

  • Uncommitted: The donation is a part of a batch that hasn't been committed.

  • Awaiting Transit: The ACH donation is less than two hours old and hasn't yet entered the banking system. There's still time to cancel this donation if it was made in error.

  • In Transit: The ACH donation has now entered the banking system and can no longer be canceled. It will take a few days for the transaction to settle.

  • Succeeded: The transaction was given to the bank; it didn't fail and wasn't refunded. The transaction will appear on donor statements. Most donations will end their lifecycle with this status.

  • Adjusted: The donation was edited when it was in a committed batch or after it had finished processing.

  • Failed: The transaction failed, either in the banking system or because it was marked as failed by an administrator.

  • Refunded: The donation was refunded, and funds were returned to the donor.

  • Campus: Indicates the primary campus of the donor.

Stamps for Stripe-processed donations include:

  • Paid Out: This donation has made it to the church's bank account in a Stripe Payout.

  • Disputed: The donor has disputed this charge with their bank. This is a rare occurrence.

Payment Sources

Payment Sources give you a way to identify donors who gave from external systems, such as Paypal, Square, SimpleGive, FellowshipOne, etc.

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