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We occasionally get questions from customers about how to generate reports within Giving. Often times, the numbers people are trying to understand are right there in the Dashboard, the Donation List page, or the Donor Reports page. The data is there, it's just sometimes not easy to find. 

To better illustrate how these three areas work together to provide reporting data, we've consolidated these three sections into a single new area called Reports

Dashboard Updates


The Dashboard is now clickable! When you see a number you want to know more about, just click that section in the dashboard to get to the numbers behind the charts. Each click takes you to a pre-filtered view on the "By Donations" tab or the "By Donor" tab.

Donations List Updates

The Donation List has been moved to the By Donation tab within the Reports section.


  1. If you have multiple church campuses, you'll now see a Campus filter in addition to the other filters. These filters also stay the same as you navigate between the three tabs within the Reports section. For example, if you filter the By Donations view to show only donations by check (using the "stamp" filter) that filter will remain intact if you select the By Donor tab to show all donors who gave by check within the same date range.
  2. The total donation count now shows the number of successful donations only. If other donations are present (like failed or refunded donations) there's now a second line underneath to explain what you're seeing.

Donor Reports Updates

The Donor Reports page has been moved to the By Donor tab within Reports.


  1. There are a variety of new filter options at the top. Filter selections are shared between the By Donation view and the By Donor view.
  2. Now, it's easier to see when a donor has had a refunded or failed donation within the date range you are viewing.
  3. As always, you can sort by columns to find common lists like top donors or number of donations.

We hope these changes make it easier to understand how to view reporting data within Giving – whether you're viewing that data in the form of dashboard charts, by individual donations, or through the lens of the donors!

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