12/08/2017 Changelog

We're wrapping up the year with a few gifts under the Planning Center tree.

Enhancements and Fixes

ACH Donation Update - Now, you can cancel ACH donations for up to two hours before it's submitted to Stripe. This gives your donors a little breathing room and a much easier recovery path if they receive their donation receipt email and realize they've added an extra zero to their gift. After all, ACH donations take a long time to process and it can be pretty painful to get it wrong.

New Error Page - It's possible for any system to have an error, but it can become a major problem when it happens on the donation form and donors are unsure of what happened. To mitigate that risk, we've changed the ways we handle errors on the donation form to be more clear with donors about their next steps if an error occurred. We also added some additional monitoring on our end for errors related to the main donation form.

New Domain- Not a huge change, but we've updated the churchcenteronline.com domain to be churchcenter.com. If you have older links you've embedded on other sites or your church website, those will now redirect to the new domain. Easy peezy.


We love feedback so let us know your thoughts on these updates, as well as additional feature requests you'd like to see. Send your comments or suggestions by clicking the (?) in the upper right of the app.

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