10/27/2017 Changelog

Enjoy some stability and a few changes!

Enhancements and Fixes

Goodbye Navigation Shortcuts - DON'T PANIC! Keyboard shortcuts in the Batch system still work! We know you rely heavily on those for quickly counting checks and cash.

In preparation for a new top bar design, we're dropping some of the keyboard shortcuts for the very top navigation items (Donations, Batches, Manage, and People) as well as the sub items in their sidebar. We're doing this for a number of reasons. 1) Some of these shortcuts had been broken for a while and zero people reported it... indicating that they don't use these that much. 2) We're running out of shortcut letters (there were actually a few duplicate ones that conflicted, and again... no one reported the bug). 3) The "control+" scheme is actually problematic with some shortcuts on some operating systems.

Edit Payment Sources - Clicking "Edit Donation" now gives you the option to change the Payment Source within that individual donation. Enjoy!

Statement Date Changes - Some may have been seeing an issue when they attempted to change the date range of a newly created statement. The edit would pinwheel and simply not update. Fixed.

Statement Address Edits - There was an issue on the configure page allowing you to delete the address from the top right side when editing the statement. The address wasn't actually supposed to be editable right there (you edit the addresses in step one of the bulk statement editor). So, now it isn't editable right there.

Batch Defaults Not Saving "Unknown" Selection - New Batch Defaults weren't saving the Payment Source option for cards with an "Unknown" payment type. You can now be sure of uncertainty.

Check Dates Field on Batch Defaults - The check date field was missing when creating batch defaults. That's back now.

Split Donations in People Lists - When using conditions in People Lists, split donations were being looked at as a whole amount, rather than the parts comprising that donation. This was leading to inaccurate list data when amounts were entered for specific funds. Your lists will now represent accurate data, even if split donations have been used.

Canadian Currency Indicator - For a time (a few days) the Canadian Currency icon was missing from churchcenteronline.com. Hooray! That flag is back!


Hit us up with feedback on these updates, as well as any additional feature requests you'd like to see. Send your comments or suggestions by clicking the (?) in the upper right of the app.

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