10/11/2017 Changelog

Here's what we've been up to over the past few weeks.

Enhancements and Fixes

Donor At the Top - With the release of Payment Sources, the Batch entry form has grown in height, pushing the donor profile information outside of the viewport on most screens. Since that's a critical piece of information (especially for customers using check reader machines) we've relocated it to the top so you can more quickly verify you're looking at the correct donor before filling out the rest of the form.

Positional Payment Sources - Payment Sources can now be dragged and dropped in any order you see fit. We've also added "all time" totals and a quick-filter link.

Check Date to CSV Exports - You can now export CSV files with the check date option enabled. This will give you a bit more information at your fingertips.

Updated Card Field - You or maybe even your donors may have noticed when entering a card (debit or credit), the field is a bit different and the CVC field is now required. This change came directly from the Stripe API to follow new PCI security requirements. The field is reactive as you type in information and works well with both browsers and mobile.

CSV Exporting Time Frame - There was a weird issue where sometimes, when exporting CSV's from a batch view, the date range parameter wasn't being respected. This issue required a full page refresh to get the listed donations instead. That's been fixed and there's no refresh required.


As always, we love to hear feedback on features released, as well as any additional feature requests you'd like to see. Send your comments or suggestions by clicking the ? in the upper right of the app.

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