Sorting with Stamps

Stamps are applied to donations automatically as they are processed. Unlike labels, stamps are defined by Giving and are not editable. Stamps tell the story of the donation as a financial transaction.

In any list of donations, you'll see stamps with the donation.

A stamp could be the following:

  • The type of transaction
  • The batch it's contained in if it's a cash or check donation
  • The status of the donation
  • The payment processor it used

To view donations based on their stamp, go to the Donations List tab on the Donations page.

Use the dropdowns to sort donations by the appropriate stamp.

View the number of donations as well as the total donation amount with this stamp then export the information as a CSV or a printable version.

From a donor's profile, easily find a donation in question, such as a credit card transaction which hasn't yet been processed:

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