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Stamps are applied to donations automatically as they are processed. Unlike labels, stamps are defined by Giving and are not editable. Stamps tell the story of the donation as a financial transaction.

In any list of donations, you'll see stamps with the donation.

  • Uncommitted: The donation is a part of a batch that hasn't been committed yet.
  • Awaiting Transit: The ACH donation is less than 2 hours old and hasn't yet entered the banking system. There's still time to cancel this donation if it was made in error.
  • In Transit: The ACH donation has now entered the banking system and can no longer be canceled. It will take a few days for the transaction to settle.
  • Failed: The transaction failed (either in the banking system or because it was marked as failed by an administrator).
  • Refunded: The donation was refunded, and funds were sent back to the donor.
  • Adjusted: The donation was edited when it was in a committed batch.
  • Succeeded: The transaction was given to the bank; it didn't fail and wasn't refunded. It will appear on donor statements. The vast majority donations will end their lifecycle with this status.

For Stripe-processed donations, you can see:

  • Paid Out: This donation has made it all the way to the church's bank account in a Stripe Payout.
  • Disputed: The donor has disputed this charge with their bank. (It is very rare that a donor would do this, but it's possible.)

To view donations based on their stamp, go to the Donations List tab on the Donations page.

Use the dropdowns to sort donations by the appropriate stamp.

View the number of donations as well as the total donation amount with this stamp then export the information as a CSV or a printable version.

From a donor's profile, you can also use filters to find specific donations:

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