9/14/2017 Changelog

We've had some big changes. Let's take a look back at the past few weeks!

Enhancements and Fixes

Check Scanning Errors - There's a rare issue with Bill Pay checks from some banks. These checks, when fed through our supported check readers, will give an error noting that there might be fraud on the account for these banks. We've implemented a workaround and will monitor the increase in reports. If you receive a message about fraud while counting checks with a check reader, contact with us immediately with the details and we'll work on getting that resolved for you.

Consistent ACH Icons - In the past, we were using two different icons for ACH payment methods. We've narrowed that down to one and that is now the icon used in all places Giving.

More Clear Dashboard - The Dashboard has been given a little TLC. We've simplified the Donor section to take up less space. In the Donations section, payment methods will now show on the side, even if the amount given with those payment methods is $0. We wanted to make the data a bit more clear and also make some preparations for a few incoming features you'll be seeing very soon. Enjoy the fresh new look!

Smart Merge for Donor Profiles - We've made a change to the way profiles are merged in Planning Center People. If two donors had activity (donations, payment methods, etc) it used to take some manual preparation on a donor's profile in Giving before two profiles could be merged in People. Now, the merge should "just work." Donations will move to the un-merged profile, identical payment method duplicates will be detected, and recurring donations will be moved with their payment methods intact.

New Date Range Filter Options - There's a new option: Last month. We've also removed the "This year" option because there's already a "2017" option. And we hate duplication. We hate duplication. The last month selection will give you the entire month prior to the current month so you can see a snap shot of your last month without having to use custom dates.

Calendar Date Picker - There was very temporary issue with the calendar date picker throughout Giving. The bug didn't allow you to select a date, period. We acted quickly and got that functionality restored.


As always, we love to hear feedback on features released, as well as any additional Feature Requests you'd like to see. Send your comments or suggestions by clicking the ? in the upper right of the app.

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