8/31/2017 Changelog

It's time for an update! Here are a few small things we've been tackling for the past few weeks

Enhancements and Fixes

Stamp Updates - We found that when you edited a donation and that edit forced Giving to update the Stamp, the page required a full refresh before those Stamp changes were reflected. Now they should update instantly.

Goodbye IE 10 - Microsoft officially stopped supporting Internet Explorer 10 as of January of last year, which means it will no longer receive security updates, compatibility fixes, or technical support. We're dropping support for it as well. According to our stats, this affects less than 1% of Giving customers. If that's you though... please upgrade your browser! It's time. You know it is.

Buttons for Pending ACH Donations - Previously, when you had a pending ACH donation listed in Giving, we removed the action buttons of "Delete Donation," "Refund" and "Edit Donation." We've decided to add these back and we now grey out the buttons you can't actually use in a pending state. Hovering over these greyed out buttons will provide a pop up, letting you know why these can't be used.

Helper Text for Failed Donations - There are times when you may need to mark a donation as failed in Giving. We now provide you with some helpful tips so your failed donation note will be clear when it shows up in the Giving logs

As always, we love to hear feedback on features released, as well as any additional Feature Requests you'd like to see. Send your comments or suggestions by clicking the?in the upper right of the app.

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