Logging in Without a Password

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Log in to Giving, Groups, or Registrations to manage your donations, keep up with group events, or finish filling out registration forms. Once you log in, you stay logged in for fourteen days from your last activity.

Email authentication is something that’s starting to be adopted by more services like Medium and Square Cash. It has a few advantages over traditional passwords.

Passwords aren't secure or simple since they're reused, making them weak, and with passwordless login, people don't have to create an account--all they need is an email address.

However, it is slightly slower. People are typically already logged into their email on their own devices, so the process is pretty quick there; but, if they're using someone else’s phone or a public computer, they'll have to use the link in their email.

Check out this video for more information then follow the steps below to learn how to log in without a password.


From your ChurchCenter page, choose what you'd like to do:

ChurchCenterOnline page

You'll be taken to a different login screen for each selection; however, they will all allow you to log in.


Choose Login in the upper left corner before you donate.

Giving Online Portal

If you enter your donation without logging in, you'll be asked to log in when you continue.


Choose Login in the upper right corner to join a group.

Main Groups Page

You can browse groups without logging in. After being accepted into a group, logging in will enable you to view all of the groups that you are a member of, along with the events and the resources attached to them.


Choose Login in the upper right corner to register for an event.

We use logging in as a form of verification to protect identity and personal information. Since most events require changes or additions to personal information, we ask that you log in to verify that you are who you say you are.

You will be prompted to log in when:

  • You need to update your personal information.
  • The Registration event requires an email address as part of the form--even if the email address field is completed.
  • You're registering someone else (spouse, child, grandchild, neighbor, friend, etc.).

If you're not prompted to log in, it's either because you're already logged in, or the registration information needed doesn't require an authenticated login.

All Registration Events

You can look through the information of events before logging in. When you register for an event, you'll be  be prompted to log in.

Once you've chosen Login on any of those pages, type your email address in the box and select Send me a login link.

Login Screen

If your email address is associated with more than one account, choose which account you'd like to access.

Check your email, which will contain your unique login link. Select Log In Now to be logged into your account on your default browser.

Email to Log In

Stuck in a Login Loop?

  1. Delete any old login emails from Planning Center.
  2. Clear your cache and cookies on your browser. 
  3. Try to log in again.

The login link will expire after 30 minutes, but once you select it, you'll stay logged in until you don't have activity for fourteen days. Bookmark the page, so when you want to access your giving, group, or event again, you don't have to ask for a password link again!

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