8/3/2017 Changelog

It's been a few weeks since our last update, so we've got a bundle to cover.

New Features

Full Name in Statements - Donor statements now show the donor's full name. We received feedback that statements weren't as formal as some prefer. We've dressed them up a bit and now provide all listed name fields from Planning Center People (except for the "nickname" field). 


Add a Payment Method using Apple Pay - Previously you could select Apple Pay when making a donation. Now you can also use it to add a payment method.

Enhancements and Fixes

500 Error for Recurring Donation Setup - In some instances, there was an error with brand new donors who gave using ACH. If your donor reported seeing a Something went wrong error, you can safely ask them to try again.

Stripe/Plaid ACH Verification Error - For a few days, there was an elusive issue where a first time donor, setting up a recurring gift, paying with ACH, and verifying their bank account with Plaid would have triggered a Payment Method Required error. That's now been cleared up.

Apple Pay Declines - Donations made with Apple Pay will now handle card declines a little more gracefully.

Emailing from the People Tab - There was an issue when using the Funds filter under the People Tab. When it was applied, you weren't able to email the listed donors.

Adding Adjusted Stamps - Now when you change the received date on past successful donations, these will now show the adjusted Stamp. This might be a small change, but it still deserves a notation.

Scrolling Stripe Payouts - We discovered after we launched the Giving update, you weren't able to scroll through Stripe Payouts if your list was longer than the length of the page. That's fixed, so scroll away!

Stripe Payout Filtering - When applying filters in Stripe Payouts, the total listed in the Donation section wasn't updating accurately. Now when you filter specific Funds, Custom Dates, or Stamps, you'll see that number change to reflect only the donations listed in the donations table.

Fund Themes on Stripe Payouts - We made a small change in the Funds and Labels section of Stripe Payouts. Fund themes will now show their color and make tracking fees a bit easier to see.

Dashboard on Mobile - There was an issue with the Dashboard not allowing you to see the Donations total section when in portrait mode. You can now view it in both Portrait and Landscape.

Custom Dates on Mobile - We've adjusted the layout a bit to allow more data in your mobile view.

Account/Routing Number Error Message - When creating Batches and sending checks through a check reader, you may have encountered an error message that didn't give much information as to why the error happened. We've updated that error message to be more informative. Now when you encounter an error, the message you see will let you know what the issue was and recommend contacting support@planning.center if the issue persists.

Statement Layouts - Some might have been seeing an issue with the Statement Layouts looking a bit off. We've taken care of the issue.

Recurring Donations Dashboard - We found an issue within the Recurring Donations Remaining This Month section. The amount showing was inaccurate and contained donations that had gone through already. It's now back on track.


As always, we love to hear feedback on features released as well as any additional Feature Requests you'd like to see. Send your comments or suggestions by clicking the ? in the upper right of the app.

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