7/13/2017 Changelog

Grab your hats and maps! A lot has been going on under the hood of Giving so lets take a journey through some of the changes we've seen in the past few weeks.

New Features

New Navigation and a Giving Facelift- We're really excited to finally have this in customer's hands. Giving has been updated to reflect the layout you'll find in our other Planning Center apps with more intuitive Side Bar. That change has allowed us to clean up the design a bit and consolidate pages into tabs that make a bit more sense. Click here to check out the details of these new changes.

Dates on Stripe Payouts Side Bar - With this new update, we took the time to add a feature many have been asking for around Stripe Payouts. You'll now see dates listed on each Payout listed. No longer will you need to open each separate Payout to see when it came in.

Filter Stripe Payouts - We also added the ability to filter your Stripe Payouts by month. This takes away those really long lists of Payouts you've been seeing accumulate on the left of the page.


Enhancements and Fixes

No Access After Signing Up - Some of our new customers weren't able to access the app after choosing their subscription level. Some might call that feature (just kidding), but we call that a serious bug. We've fixed that and put some tech magic in place to ensure that doesn't happen anymore.

Statement Font Changes - "What is this!? Font for ants!?" New Statements generated in the past few months were showing font sizes much smaller than we ever intended. Well throw that magnifying glass in the trash! You won't need it anymore! Well... you might, if you're burning ants.

Popover Data Fix - We noticed while hovering over the Batches List that popover data was showing up anywhere it wanted to. We've corrected that issue and this data will now align with where you're actually hovering.

Given Name on the Public Side - Donors now have the option to add their Given Name on their donor profile page. This lets you keep things more formal and will help with updating People records across Planning Center to ensure these profiles have the most accurate information on file.

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