7/13/2017 Navigation & Design Changes

If you've been a customer for a while, you've seen how Giving has grown over the years. Our main navigation bar started with three tabs and a few sub-items (like Funds, Labels, and Logs). Over time, we added the Donations view, a Recurring Donations view, Donor Statements, a Stripe Payouts view, and a Settings page. With the new features we have in the works, this house about to get even more crowded.

Goodbye Black Bar, Hello Side Bar

In general, we try to work towards a similar visual language between the applications that make up Planning Center. You know what none of the other applications have beneath their main navigation bar? A center-aligned black bar full of horizontal buttons. We thought people would get used to it. We thought WE would get used to it. We didn't. It's ugly. It's out of place. And it's getting fat with buttons.

Most Planning Center applications use a sidebar as sub-navigation, so Giving is going to follow suit. Originally, we didn't want to sacrifice the horizontal space of the main layout; but now that we have all these new pages, it's worth it.

Navigation Changes, the "Manage" Tab, and Blue

Most everything is where it was. However, we took this opportunity to move a few things around. The main "Donations" is the place to review anything that's already happened. It's all about viewing activity. The new "Manage" tab is where you go to create and edit things like Funds, Labels, Statements, and Settings. Logs is tossed in there too, since people typically access it infrequently.

As a smaller update, we've also got rid of using yellow in the main body (for links, icons, alerts, etc). Yellow is hard to read on some screens so we've swapped it for a complimentary shade of blue.

Improved Navigation for Stripe Payouts

While we were changing some of the navigation we took the opportunity to address a failing of the old Stripe Payouts page. If you've been a customer for a while, you've seen that single list of Stripe Payouts grow and grow into an unwieldy vertical list. To help tame the beast we've put a select box at the top of that list and separated the payouts by month. "It's almost like you're laying the groundwork for an aggregate monthly Stripe report!" Why yes, clever customer, it does look that way doesn't it?

We hope you enjoy the changes! We're excited about having new room to grow the application (and getting rid of that darn top bar).

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