6/26/2017 Stamp Changes

The recent changelog is only a few days old, so if you missed it, check it out. However, we made a significant change to the online stamp and wanted to make sure you saw it. 

Since we'll be integrating with other payment sources, we changed online to stripe. When the integration with other payment sources is complete, we'll use stamps with their name as well. 

Here are where the changes have taken place:


Donation List Filters

Donation Listings

Why We Made This Change

One of the features we have in development is the integration with 3rd party payment sources and the extension of the Planning Center Giving API. When the work is complete, you'll have the ability to define other types of online donations that originated outside of Giving. Other companies will be able to build integrations with Planning Center Giving that will allow you to import online donations from their systems into Giving.

In addition to payment methods (ACH, debit card, credit card, cash, and check) we'll also introduce the concept of payment sources. Payment sources will answer the question, "Where did this donation come from?" Since online isn't specific enough, we're transitioning to stripe for donations that came through the donation page provided by Giving and were processed by Stripe. In practice, the stripe stamp has the same meaning that the online stamp used to have.

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