6/22/2017 Changelog

Every couple weeks we like to post what's new and what has changed.

Enhancements and Fixes

Statement Recipients - Statements used to be sent to all attached mailing and email addresses. For donors who had several mailing addresses, this created some additional work for those printing off statements. Now, if a donor has a "primary" mailing address selected within Planning Center People, the Statements Tool will only prepare a statements for that primary mailing address.

The Order of Listed Funds - Funds used to be listed alphabetically when they were created. We then added the drag and drop feature to Funds so Admins could arrange Funds as they desired, essentially removing the need for an automatic alphabetical order. As a minor update, when you create a Fund, that Fund will appear at the top so you know it's been properly added to your list. You can then drag it to whatever order you'd like.

Donor Number CSV Export - You requested it and we listened! If your church has enabled donor numbers, you can now include those numbers in all CSV exports within Giving.

Breaking the Mobile Boundaries - When downloading donor statement PDF files on mobile, the dropdown box was going outside the box. We grounded it.

Mobile Checkboxes - Exporting PDFs on mobile was displaying selection boxes in a skewed way. Consider that fix "checked" off the list.



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