6/8/2017 Changelog

Here are a few of the things we've been working on

Canadian Giving

Finally! The long wait is now over. This announcement is so huge it gets it's own heading! Giving has officially launched support for Canada and we've hit the ground running. Accounts based out of Canada will now see a few changes made in Giving specifically for them. This project has been intense and we're extremely excited to be releasing this. Welcome to Giving Canada! Check out our blog post on this momentous occasion here.

Enhancements and Fixes

Statements - Along with the release for Giving to Canada, we've taken this opportunity to spruce up Statements. They've got a new look and bit of a better workflow. Enjoy!

Give Field on Mobile - Now, when you're using the donor interface on a mobile device, tapping the "Give" field will automatically choose your number keyboard over your standard keyboard. Just one more thing to make this process as smooth as possible.

Inactive to Active - In the past, when an Inactive profile in Planning Center People made a donation using Giving, that profile stayed Inactive. Now it doesn't.

Updated Profile Header - You may have noticed we've change the heading of the donor page on the Admin side of Giving. Now this will look a bit more consistent with how all other profiles look throughout Planning Center as a whole.

Alphabetized Search Results for Text-to-Give - Before, when your Text-to-Give donors first began the set up process for Text-to-Give, they would get a seemingly random list of churches in your area to select from. Now this list is alphabetized to make finding the right church a bit easier.

Collecting Addresses - Many churches would prefer to have both a mailing address and an email address on file for their donors. To help with this, when a donor makes a donation online, the "Thank You" page now has a button to allow donors to add their mailing address right then and there.

Address Internationalization - Whether you're in the US or Canada, you now have the correct fields needed for entering your country specific address.

Split Donations - These were misbehaving on the donor interface and adding up to inaccurate totals. We've taken care of it.

Custom Dates on iOS - There was an issue with setting custom dates on iOS. There shouldn't be an issue anymore.

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