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Our apps are used by tens of thousands of churches around the world, so if you are a donor at your church with a question specific to your church, you might need to contact the church offices directly. However, if you're an Administrator, Planning Center University videos and the Slack Community give lots of great feedback!

Planning Center University

We held an all-day training event at our Carlsbad Offices to help teams get up to speed with the full suite of Planning Center apps. Since not everyone can travel to see us, we recorded the class! We keep the content updated, and you can also watch the recordings at any time. This information is available to anyone who uses Planning Center!


If you need more help outside of just Giving, view all the videos from the last session!

Slack Community

The Planning Center Community on Slack is a great way for churches to share advice and connect with each other using chat. These are just some of the ways people are engaging in Slack:

  • Share Planning Center best practices and pro tips
  • Post pictures or plans of your church layout (for Check-Ins or Services)
  • Ask questions about how other folks are using our features
  • Offer your own productivity tips
  • Link to any relevant articles you've enjoyed about productivity, workflows, etc.

If you have a part in implementing any Planning Center app at your church, sign up and join the conversation!

Help Button

If you can't find the answers you're needing from University videos or Slack, our Support Team is always here to help! Use the help button at the top right of every page our app to find articles or send an email to support.

Click the help button

Search Our Articles

Ask your question or start an email
  1. You'll see some articles based on the page of the app you're viewing. Click on the link to view the article in a different tab.
  2. If those suggestions don't work, type your question in the search box.
  3. If you've already checked our articles, you can choose to Contact our support team, and receive a reply in the estimated time provided.

When you search by asking a question, you'll see articles from our online manual:

View an Article, or submit a support request

If your answer isn't in the scrollable list, choose to Contact our support team, and receive a reply in the estimated time provided.

Send an Email to Support

When you choose Contact our support team, you'll be take to the support request box.

Send a support request

If you do not want our team to access your Giving database when providing support, please uncheck the box.

  1. Use the feature you need help with as your subject or even type the question you asked in the earlier request box.
  2. What kind of help do you need? Is this a General question, a Feature Request, or have you found a Potential Bug? Your specification sends the email to the best agent!
  3. Give as much details as possible, including names and specifics about how you expect a feature to work versus how it's currently working. The more information you give, the quicker we can help find an answer!
  4. If what you're seeing doesn't look correct, or you get an error message, take a screenshot of it and drop the file in the box for us to see what you're seeing.
  5. We do offer phone support for emergencies, but please try sending us an email first, as we can give you better support through screenshots and other articles easier than we can help you over the phone.

Hit Send then watch your inbox for a response. You can reply directly from the email you receive from us.

When you submit your questions using this box instead of sending us a direct email, we receive lots of information about your account, including what page you're viewing, which allows for fast and accurate support for your request.

Resetting Your Account

When you've decided Giving is a good fit for your church, you may want to reset all the data in your Giving account. Apart from the system logs, this option will effectively purge all the Giving data. An account reset will only keep the default fund but not the donations given to it, Administrators, and your settings.

To reset your account:

  1. Refund any credit card or ACH donations you might have completed as you tested things out. Also, check for pending ACH donations as well and wait for those to be completed in order to refund them. 
  2. Remove unwanted admins.
  3. Email and let us know you'd like to reset your Giving account. If you're a Giving Admin but not an Organizational Admin, we'll ask for their permission as well.
  4. Delete any profiles created in the course of adding test donations.

Steps 1, 2, and 4 help keep your database clean, but they're ultimately optional. Once you email us, we'll send you and the other Giving Admins an email, alerting you that in 24 hours, the account will be wiped and reset. 

You can also reset your Stripe account if necessary. We highly recommend against disconnecting your Stripe account.

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