5/18/2017 Changelog

Don't let the recent lack of Changelogs fool you. We've been hard at work adding enhancements and fixes to Giving in a some big and small ways.

New Features:

Recurring Donation Forecasts - Admins can now see the number of donors with active recurring donations, the expected monthly totals and remaining monthly totals under the Recurring Donations Tab. This will help your bookkeepers in seeing what is already accounted for and what will be coming in. Read the full blog post.

Fixes and Changes:

Stripe Fees for Split Donations - CSV file exports now display the fees associated with Split Donations. Now we do the math so you don't have to.

Export Recurring Donations - You can now export your list of recurring donations as a CSV file. Enjoy those numbers in Numbers...or Excel!

Edit and Create Recurring Donations on the Admin Side - Admins can now create recurring donations for donors. This gives donors the option to request this set up rather than going through the process for themseleves.

"MISTAKE" command for Text-to-Give - We've added a 120 minute delay to help with accidental Text-to-Give donations using the ACH payment method. We highly recommend ACH donations for your donors as they cost the least to process. However, that lack of fee comes with a long waiting period before that donation actually makes it into the church's bank account. Before, if a donor accidentally made a Text-to-Give donation using an ACH payment method, texting REFUND did trigger a refund, but that ACH donation still needed to be fully processed before a refund could be issued. This meant a donor might be waiting close to two full weeks before seeing that refund. This delay allows donors to text "MISTAKE" to cancel a donation and it's now as if it never existed. No more waiting for a refund!

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