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Planning Center Giving supports Apple Pay. With Apple Pay, donors using Apple devices (iPhones, iPads, and Safari on their macs) can donate using their credit or debit card without having to enter the full details of their card. It's fast and secure because it uses the device's thumbprint and facial ID to authenticate the payment method.

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Apple has established an application process, through Benevity, and Apple relies on Benevity to verify the non-profit status of the organizations. Benevity's role is to gather information about charities and vet it when necessary.

The application process consists of three parts.

1. Register for Benevity

  1. Go to Benevity, click Register Now, and then search for your organization. Only registered 501(c)3 public charities automatically have a profile on Benevity.

    • If your church is not listed, reach out to Benevity's Support Team and ask them to create your profile manually. You'll be asked for a Tax Exempt Status Letter from the IRS. If you don't have one, Benevity will accept a voided check as a substitute.

    • If your church is listed, claim and sign in to make sure your account is complete.

  2. To complete your account, you'll be asked a series of questions about licenses, hiring practices, use of donor funds, and more.

  3. To use Apple Pay with Planning Center, you will only need to complete the first three steps of the approval process. The final steps are optional. Benevity also offers payment processing features that are not used by or required for Planning Center.

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2. Apply for Apple Pay through Benevity

  1. Go to the Apple Pay section on Benevity and search for your organization.

  2. Follow the steps to request approval for Apple Pay.

    • If you don't have an Apple Developer Team ID associated with an Apple developer account, you can use Planning Center's ID: 9JVJNE92L6

    • Enter your Church Center URL into the Web domains box. It looks like this:

The application is processed through Benevity, so please direct any questions about your application to Benevity Support. When approved, you will be notified by Benevity.

3. Enable Apple Pay in Giving

Once you've been approved, go to the Settings tab on the Manage page in Giving, and check the box to enable Apple Pay.

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Apple Pay FAQ

Expand the selections below to access the answers to the FAQs.

How does Apple Pay work with Stripe?

When a donor gives via Apple Pay, the donation is still processed by Stripe, the payment processor used by Giving. It gets the same processing fee and the donation follows the same lifecycle that a normal credit/debit card donation would. In fact, you can think of Apple Pay as just a different method of entering a credit/debit card.

Are there extra fees for using Apple Pay?

There are no extra fees for Apple Pay--just the standard processing fees from Stripe.

What if we've disabled credit card donations?

Some churches don't like to accept donations on credit. There's a setting within Giving that allows you to effectively reject credit card donations while still accepting debit card donations. Apple Pay respects this setting. If the card they select is a credit card, Giving will give the donor a helpful message, letting them know that only debit card donations are accepted.

What web browsers are supported?

On the desktop, Apple Pay only works on recent versions of Safari. On mobile, Apple Pay works on mobile Safari, which is the native web browser used by Apple devices (like iPhone and iPad).

Apple Pay is really more of an iOS feature. The credit/debit card information is securely stored on an iOS device and authenticated using the device's thumb scanner. So if a donor is using Safari on their computer, clicking the Apple Pay button will initiate a prompt on their phone asking for their thumbprint.

We're not a registered 501c3 non-profit. Can we still use Apple Pay?

If your church isn't a registered 501c3, you won't find an automatic listing on Benevity and you will need to ask Benevity to manually create a profile for your church (see the setup process above). However, keep in mind that even if Benevity lists your church, Apple may not approve your organization for Apple Pay if it's not a registered non-profit.

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